Disneyland and DCA Halloween Re-Cap (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Halloween Treats, World of Color)

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is held on select nights at Disneyland and is a great event to attend, especially if you have kids (though adults will enjoy it too). It does book early though so you do want to plan ahead.

During the event, all rides are open and lines tend to be shorter. As it gets to be time for the party, only party guests (those with the wrist bands they give at check-in) can go on the rides. You also have picture opportunities with the Disney characters in their Halloween costumes and characters like Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The Cadaver Dans sing on the Rivers of America and are not hard to spot, so check them out as you head through Frontierland and New Orleans Square. And of course, there are the trick or treat trails, where you trick or treat at different spots throughout the park. They do give you a small candy bag at check-in, but you can also use your own. The trick or treat trails have improved over the years to include a wide variety of favorite candies, and also healthier/alternative options such as crackers, popcorn, carrots, and apples. You will get a variety of treats at random as you visit the trails.

Now that we’ve gone over the logistics, here are some tips to get the most of your party stay:

  • When choosing what to do first, go for the photo ops and rides. The trick or treat trails will have longer waits towards the beginning of the night, but as the night progresses they get much shorter
  • You can take pictures with Jack and Sally during the day at select times and they do have a significant wait. If you are at Disney during the day, you may want to save a visit with them for that time so you can enjoy the party festivities
  • During the event there is a Halloween parade and fireworks show. Snag your seats early, or take advantage of one of the dining options for reserved spots (note that for the parade, perhaps the fireworks show also, you will still have to sit on the ground or stand with reserved spots. You will want to ask a cast member if you need accommodations)
  • Some of the indoor trick or treat trails are decorated especially for the event. A favorite of mine is at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland
  • If you really want to maximize your candy collecting, bring a bag or backpack. They do also give you a small bag at check in
  • Be sure to check out costume restrictions in advance. The weather can be a little unpredictable, but it is known to get nippy later in the night. Try to bring layers to wear with your costume. There are lockers and slightly less crowded bathrooms outside the park entrances for changes, with the one outside DCA less frequented

Halloween Treats

Year-round, the menus at Disneyland and DCA change to offer new treats for the different seasons. These are some of the ones we tried for Halloween-time 2017:

Pic 1: This adorable treat is from Flo’s Café in DCA’s Cars Land. It is their candy corn pie, which has a crème-butterscotch filling. It is a little on the small side, but very good.

Pic 2: This spider parfait is from Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. It is a chocolate and orange pudding, topped with a little icing and a gummy spider. It wasn’t my favorite, but if you like dark chocolate, this may be a good dessert for you.

Pic 3: This is the spider chicken pot pie from Flo’s Café. It has a very festive taste, as it does have some cranberries. The use of cranberries is mild, but there is a hint of cranberry flavor throughout the pie. The consistency is also a little runny. It was good, just not a favorite (though I have heard a lot of people really enjoy it).

World of Color Dessert Party

The World of Color is an amazing show at DCA, and I highly recommend you see it. Unfortunately viewing/getting spots is very challenging however. You have to wait a long time to snatch a spot, and with the spectacular number of people cramped into the space it can be very high stress. That’s why the Dessert Party is a good opportunity.

Like with any other meal-deal at Disney, you do still have to check in early to snag a good spot. Afterwards, you are seated (yay seats!) in a viewing area, which includes both tall chairs/tables and regular height. We were able to snag tall chairs in the first row, which made for good viewing. The projections were still partly concealed from view so it is not perfect, but you can see most of the show/stage.

And of course, once you are seated you get a tray of desserts and your choice of drink:

The dessert tray included different cheeses, grapes, crackers, a shortbread/jelly cookie, a Mickey cookie (coconut, I believe?), a chocolate dessert, and one more dessert which I believe may have been a cheesecake (pardon my memory!).

I did not take pictures during the show, but this image is from afterwards. This is an idea of what the view looked like:

The projections start from the water (past where you see people standing in the picture) but end very high up. Overall it was a great experience.

Disney Junior Show Update

Among other updates, the Disney Junior show at DCA has been updated. Instead of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you will see Mickey and the Roadster Racers, along with Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and the Lion Guard. The show has been updated with a club/DJ tone, with lots of lights and music. As always, the show is very interactive with kids dancing, bubbles, interactions with characters, and more. If your kids love to interact and do well with bright lights and high energy, they will love the new update.

Disney Railroad Update

The Disneyland Railroad had previously been down, partly due to re-routing to accommodate Star Wars land. In the new update, you have a different narrator, with essentially the same monologue (with a few minor differences). On your way to New Orleans Square, you might see a surprise guest in the jungle. Exiting New Orleans Square station, you will head through the frontier, with an extended view of Frontierland and the Rivers of America. Finally, new additions have been added to the Grand Canyon Diorama. You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y7tcDPZizc

More Eye Candy

(Above) Photos from Cars Land, all decorated for Halloween


(Above) More DCA Halloween magic


(Above) Creepy photos from Disneyland (middle photo credit of R)

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