2017 Edition iPhone Apps to Try

Back when I first started the blog, I included a post with some of my favorite apps. Now we are due for an update! Below are some great apps I am currently using that I think you might like. Try them out and let me know what you think.

And disclaimer, none of these apps are sponsored. Even better, most of them are free!



For the social app category, we are looking at apps you might not think to download, as opposed to our favorites social sites like Instagram and Reddit.

Layout (for Instagram)- Layout is a great way to display multiple images as one photo collage. Simply choose your template, add your images, and save.

Bloglovin’- If you are a blogger, it is worth your while to start an account on Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is a social media platform for bloggers to share their posts. In addition to potential views, the platform makes it easy to visit other relevant blogs and comment.

Followers Plus (for Instagram)- If you use your Instagram account to promote a brand and need a way to track who’s following/unfollowing you, this is a great tool to use. It breaks down followers in a comprehensive way, showing you how many accounts you follow who have followed you back, visa-versa. It also helps you track your accounts’ growth and makes it easy to follow/unfollow accounts within the app.

Hootesuite- Hootesuite is an app that helps you schedule your posts. You can use it for YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram. Simple features make it easy to create posts and schedule them for a later time.

Circle of 6- Circle of 6 is an app designed for college students, but is great for any young adult. Program your app to include phone numbers for up to 6 family/friends, and the app gives you discrete ways to contact them if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, such as a date gone wrong.



These are all great tools to keep everything together and organized, as simply as possible.

Scanner for Me- Scanner for Me is one of several free scanner apps available. Simply take a pic of your doc, and it saves the image as a document you can share.

UPS- The UPS app makes it easy to track your packages, without the hassle. You can also make changes to your delivery within the app.

Google Docs/Drive- Google Docs can be used to make, share, and access documents from any device. This is a great tool for work-related documents and other writing projects. Simply login on your device, and you can continue working on a document where you left off. Google Drive is a cloud-like storage app, which is also great for holding and sharing documents.

Sell on Etsy/ WordPress- Sell on Etsy is a necessity if you have an Etsy shop. The app notifies you if an order is placed and allows you to check your shop stats. You can also create Shop Updates, which you can’t do on the desktop dashboard. And for WordPress bloggers, the WordPress app allows you to work on posts, publish, and access the WordPress reader (which connects you with other WordPress blogs).

Alarmed- Compared to other reminder apps, this one has become my favorite. Alarmed is a simple, easy to use reminder app. You can add as little or as much detail as you want and adding a reminder can be done in a matter of seconds.

Google Calendar- Like the previously mentioned Google apps, Google Calendar can be accessed on any device and is a great way to schedule your life. You can create multiple calendars for say, work and school, and they are color-coded for easy reading.

Microsoft Outlook- The standard iPhone mail app is ok, but recently it has given me grief. Emails began flagging and unflagging themselves, unread emails marking themselves as read, and visa-versa. For this reason, I downloaded the Microsoft Outlook app. This app is designed similarly to the desktop Outlook, and flagging/reading emails is simple and accurate. My only complaint is the search function to not as good as even the iPhone mail app, so generally I use the regular iPhone mail app for searching emails.



Great apps for learning something new on the go.

iTunes U- Right now we are seeing a rise in free online learning resources, which is fantastic. iTunes U has a variety of videos and audio to listen to on different educational subjects.

TED- If you enjoy TED talks, the app is a great asset. You can watch TED talks anywhere, all in one easy to navigate library. You can also favorite videos and save for later viewing.

News- I disregarded the standard News app on my phone for a while, but recently I have been using it a lot. Choose subjects that interest you, and relevant posts from a variety of sources will add to your feed.

iBooks- iBooks, and the Kindle app, make it easy to read ebooks anywhere. You can also transfer pdfs from your Google Drive to the iBooks app for easy reading.

Podcasts- Another standard app I love, the podcasts app makes it easy to subscribe to podcasts on iTunes.

Coursera- Coursera is a site, similar to iTunes U, that lets you navigate a wide range of online courses. Some are for a fee, but many you can take for free or audit. Free courses do not offer the certificate, but you do get the high quality course information. I used this site to learn more about HTML for personal use, and the course was very simple to use and high quality.



Movie, video, and gaming apps for when you’re out and about.

Fandango- Fandango is an app where you can view movie times at different theaters and book seats. Easy to use and extremely helpful if you enjoy going to the movies.

Play Music- Play Music is an app in the Google line, which stores your songs in a cloud for easy listening and downloading.

YouTube- Easy navigation and a great way to access content.

Netflix- If you have a Netflix account, the app can be great for viewing content outside your living room.

Amazon Prime Video- If you are an Amazon Prime Video collector, this app makes it easy to download and access your content.

Disney Junior- If you have kids that enjoy Disney Junior, this is a great tool. Makes it even easier than YouTube to access their favorite shows.

Gravitarium- This app is very soothing. It is a combination of lights and sound and is interactive.

Mad Libs- The Mad Libs app has several templates that are free for use and works exactly like the classic kid’s game.

Temple Run- There are a variety of chase games like this, but the graphics make it my favorite for making time go by.

Stack- This is one of the more artistic games out right now. This is a speed game, but the simple and beautiful designs make it unique. Another game like this is Monument Valley, which I have on my tablet. Monument Valley is a mix of puzzle and story, with beautiful graphics.

Dumb Ways 2 Die- Surprisingly, I only tried this game recently but it is a cult classic. It is a speed and puzzle game, with a dark sense of humor…

Kitty World- If you like to build your own worlds and love kawaii, then you will enjoy Kitty World. Kitty World is inspired by the Sanrio characters.

Agar.io- Another cult classic, Agar.io is a battle of the fittest, with players outsmarting each other. And it only involves circles. Yes, circles.



Other apps to try.

Google Photos- This is a great tool for transferring photos to and from your phone.

Canva- Canva is a design app that helps you create great designs using their free templates and typography.

Disneyland Wait Times- Having a wait times app for Disneyland is a great way to maximize your trip.

Eventbrite- Eventbrite is an up and coming app for checking local events.

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