YouTube Spotlight: Travel Vlogs and Guides

Recently I have been watching tons of travel vlogs, guides, etc. for personal research. Whether you want to travel and don’t know where to start, or you want to live vicariously through other travelers, these videos are for you.

  1. How to Travel Guide by HeyNadine– This comprehensive how-to guide goes over all of the basics of planning to travel. From where to travel to how to budget, this playlist has been very helpful to me. Not only that, but Nadine approaches this guide with such a kind and comforting tone. If you want to travel but have your doubts, this series will clear up much of your hesitation.
  2. How to Save Money for Travel with HeyNadine and Kristen Sarah– Travel cost is one of the most intimidating aspects of travel. If you want to travel but don’t know how to save enough money, this video includes a variety of tips to help you out. This video is also a collab between several vloggers, giving their unique perspectives.
  3. Travel Vlogs by Haus of Color– There are a variety of travel vlogs available to watch; this series I enjoy because of its host and editing. These videos are well-edited for a quick, clean viewing. The vlogger is also extremely friendly and makes me feel like “I can do this too!”. Perfect vlog series for beginner travelers.
  4. How to Deal with Long Flights by Kristen Sarah– This video’s a short one, but it has a variety of helpful hints for flying. The tip about wiping down the tray and elbow rests on the plane (preventing illness) is definitely a must! I also recommend this video by HeyNadine, also about air travel.
  5. EuroTrip Vlogs with Kristen Sarah-Kristen’s vlogs really showcase what I love about vlogs. They are fast paced, full of little random treasures, and backed up by an amazing personality. Her humor makes her blogs fun to watch.
  6. Travel Vlogs with HeyNadine– As you can tell by my list, I really enjoy HeyNadine’s videos. Her vlogs are no exception; she shares her own unique experiences, making you want to pack your bags and bounce!
  7. Abandoned Sites Travel Vlogs (Exploring with Josh)- If you are looking for a more creepy look at other countries’ history, I recommend this series. Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for ethical or preference reasons, but it is a series I enjoy and wanted to share. Watching with the lights out is a must.
  8. Travel Vlogs with RayaWasHere– Like Haus of Color, Raya’s vlogs are great to watch for the beginner traveler. After watching her videos, I feel empowered to travel.
  9. Carry-on Packing Tips with KittyCotten– This video is great for the organized traveler or packer in training. Everyone packs differently, but this video is a fresh look and method for packing.
  10. Travelling with Kids Vlogs with Amber Fillerup– Most of the travelers showcased on this list travel solo or with other adults. If you are looking to travel with family, this vlog will be more relatable for you. Featuring Amber and her two adorable kids, going on adventures to international destinations. Hey, anything is possible, and these videos are #familygoals!

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite travel YouTubers or videos? What types of videos would you like me to showcase next? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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