Beauty Reviews #3: Eye Products

We’ve done lip products, we’ve done face products, now let’s move on to the eyes. Here are my honest opinions on different eye makeup products (primarily drug store):

Eye Shadow

  • Physician’s Formula Glitter Shadows– If you are looking for highly pigmented glitter shadows, these are good quality. I own a set that includes neutral/ blush tones, all glitter shadows. There is little fallout, and with a glitter primer they stay on pretty well (if using these I would still recommend putting your eyeshadow on first before face makeup, particularly if you are blending shadows). Great for neutral looks with a little glitter.
  • Sephora eye shadows– One of my first palettes of eyeshadow happened to be a boxed collection of shadows from Sephora, which I still have, use, and love. Their pigmentation, blendability, and color range is great, with a variety of shadows from matte to shimmer finishes, neutral shadows to bright colors. The negative is the shadows come in small pans, so for neutral shadows I use often they run out a little quicker. This set also came with lip glosses, but since it is a boxed set of course you can’t take them with you to touch up, nor do they last throughout the day. The eyeshadows however have worked really well for me and this would be a great gift for someone who loves makeup and wants to build their collection.
  • Revlon Quads-I own two of these quads, one of them the brown tones (from the link) and the other with lilac tones. Both of these shadows are good quality; the finish is matte and blendability/ pigmentation is good (not as great as the Sephora shadows, but enough to where you can see the pigment after gently dusting on a couple coats). They are also easy to take with you when traveling.
  • L’Oréal Shadow Quads-Similar in quality to the Revlon quads, I also own one of these in the brown shades (the quad from the link). I tend to grab for the Revlon one more, but both are comparable. Again, I would recommend these as an inexpensive alternative, perfect for travel.
  • Elf Shadow Sets– The Elf eyeshadows are pretty good both for their price and acceptable pigmentation, but for the neutral tones especially I wish the pigmentation was better. It does take a bit of back and forth to get the pigment to its full potential. I do think these palettes would be a good gift, especially for a younger recipient just starting out in makeup. The price is great for everything you get (the set linked comes with a primer, two brushes, and the palette!) and the pigment is definitely usable, which is something that can’t be said for all cheaper shadow sets. Plus, since younger makeup users are a little heavy-handed it is a good thing to have shadows that aren’t too pigmented.

Eye Liner

  • Maybelline Crème Liner– This one is my go-to black liner. The pigmentation is great; not all black pigments are the same and this one is truly black. It is also a cream, so you have good control over where you place it and the more viscous consistency stays on longer. It comes with a brush to apply, but I do have a more precise brush I saved from a different eye liner that I like to use (Elf also has a precise eye liner brush, which you can get for $1).
  • Maybelline Liquid Liner– The liquid alternative to the former is also pretty good quality. It lasts and the color is great. The rounded tip does make the liner a little thicker than what I am used to, but it is easy to apply. You can easily run it along your lash line and use another surface like a business card or tape to create a sharp wing.
  • NYX Color Liners– I have to say, these disappointed me a little bit. I saw a look using colored liner online and wanted to replicate it, so I bought these in green and blue. Since they are pencil liners and I have used pencil liners in the past, I assumed they would stay on my waterline without trouble. Not the case, they do not stay on very long, nor do they go on pigmented. The pigment also rubs onto my lashes when applying, leaving little specks of pigment in my lashes.
  • Physician’s Formula Shimmer Liners– Now we are talking! These retractable liners do stay on both my lid and waterline just fine. I also use them for tight-lining, without any trouble. My set came with light brown, brown, and black, but of course the black one is my preference.


  • L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly– This is my current favorite mascara and I am even on my second tube. The wand uses a rubber brush to apply the product. For me, lash length is more important than fullness, so this design is ideal for me. The product itself is very pigmented. Some mascaras are a dryer formula and some are more liquid-y; this one is the latter. Good news with that is the product glides on with ease. The negative is it does need more time to dry, so touching it, sneezing, etc. is a big no-no. The pros outweigh the cons, for me.
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational– The actual product is pretty good, no problems with the formula. But the brush is a little difficult to use. The brush is kind of an awkward shape. To be fair though, a lot of people really enjoy this mascara and in fact, I tried it in response to another blogger really enjoying it. There is definitely a chance you will really like it, but for me the brush was not comfortable to use.
  • Maybelline Great Lash– This mascara is a cult classic and if you are looking for the traditional brush wand and a good formula, this one is for you. Good color variety, pigmentation, and lasts, plus the brush design gives you nice full lashes. Again, formula is a little on the wet side so give it time to dry.
  • Two Faced Better Than Sex– I received a sample of this product in the Kandee Johnson Beautycon box (by the way,  I highly recommend this box if you are looking to try a subscription service. I stayed with them for two boxes, both of which were filled to the brim with great products. Some even full size!). My honest opinion, this stuff is great, but drugstore mascaras are comparable. The packaging is beautiful, with little plastic droplets on the bottle and a matte finish. As for the product, it lasts and is well pigmented. The brush is a VERY full traditional brush, which gives full lashes. Is it nice? Yes. Necessity? No. Go grab yourself a tube of Great Lash, and you’ll be good to go. The full size Two Faced product will run you at $23 vs. $3 for Great Lash.


  • Maybelline Eye Chrome– If you are looking for a primer, highlight, or metallic shadow, this one is for you. When I first tried this product I thought it was a liquid lipstick/ lip gloss due to the tube. Although you could use this as a lip product, this is actually a cream for your eyes. Thick, creamy, and VERY pigmented! The one I have is a pinkish-silver and is very pretty. This product also has different potential uses, such as a lid primer, an eye/ face/ lip highlight, or lip stick.
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil– Although I do not have the coveted eye pencil in Milk (white), I did get one in the shade Cashmere, which is more of a white gold shade. The color is beautiful for the waterline or a simple highlight and can also be used as a primer. I would definitely be more likely to give the other shades a try vs. the regular NYX pencils. For my waterline it can be difficult to find colors that stay, but I do like this product more as a shadow or highlight.
  • Revlon Crème Quad– If you want an eye color product that will last, even on hot days, creams work really well. Revlon has a small palette of these products, which I really like. Similar to the jumbo eye pencil by NYX, this product is creamy and can be used as a stand alone or a primer.
  • ELF Primer-This product tends to get mixed reviews, which I think has a lot to do with how it is used and the user’s expectations. For me personally, this product works like it should and I do not have trouble with creasing. The price is also unbeatable at only $1, compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion at $12 for the small size and $20 for the regular size. Definitely worth giving a try.

Da Brows

  • L’Oréal Brow Pencil– For brows, I do not expect too much, so long as the product can fill in my brows a little. This pencil does exactly what I need it to; with a good shade match, a pigment that stays all day, and a spool brush to comb it all out. Simple as that.
  • Smashbox Brow Tech– As you may have guessed, this product is also a Beautycon box sample. Unfortunately I am going to miss it when it is gone. The little brush defines my brows and the product is soft and pigmented, easy to apply. Stays on all day. This product, for the regular size, is around $25.

What are some of your favorite eye products? Thinking of giving one of these guys a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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