Winter Favorites 2017

There have been a variety of gifts and products that have peaked my interest, so today we will be sharing our winter favorites for 2017.


Vibrant Bell Bottom Jeans– At around $40, these jeans were a little more expensive than what I normally pay for jeans, but I am glad I made the investment. This pair is a nice soft, stretchy material and is still very form fitting. The shape it gives is amazing. If you are in the market for new jeans I would recommend these. Just note that they do run tall; for me since I’m on the shorter side (5’3) I wear them with boots with a wedge or heel.

Vintage Peter Pan Collar– If you are looking to add vintage inspired pieces to your closet, a peter pan collar is a good choice. You can wear it under a sleeved dress, long sleeve top, or sweater for an adorable look. This one in particular looks like a cat, which is very cute and I have gotten compliments on it.

Rewind Leggings– These leggings are great because they feel and look more like pants as opposed to tights. Still very comfy and stretchy, but they keep their shape and look a little more refined.

Bird Wallet– This you can get from a couple different sellers on Amazon and it is so cute! The wallet has an adorable bird image on the front and is lined with adorable polka dot fabric. It is on the puffy-side so if you carry your wallet in a pocket, this one’s not going to work for that purpose. It does however fit everything I need in a wallet and is small enough to keep in a bag or purse.

Leather Jacket (Ci Sono) – Because I am a little on the smaller side, finding a leather jacket that fits me right is difficult. This one however I like a lot, as it fits me well without being overly fitted/ hard to wear. The material is quite soft and moves well.

Fleece Lined Leggings- If you don’t already have some, definitely try a pair of fleece lined leggings. I own a couple pairs and they are great to wear in the winter.



NYX Honey Dew Primer– I am not normally a big believer in primers, but I do like this one. The bottle itself feels and looks very high end and so does the product, which has tiny gold flakes floating around. The product itself has a light, fresh smell that is very nice. You apply the product with the spatula that comes attached to the cap and a little goes a long way. I just add a couple globs to my face and apply evenly with my hands. The result is very lightweight and gives just a slight tackiness to hold onto makeup. The product also contains honey, which is used to naturally treat acne. Although this product is not oily, it’s also not too drying as I feared it may be.

Color Tattoo Eye Crème– When I first received this product I thought it was a lip gloss because of the container, but it is actually a soft crème you can add to your face, specifically for your eyes. The color is very pigmented and long lasting (the one I got is the shade Silver Spark). You can use it as an eye shadow base or highlight, or you can apply a small amount to the center of your lips to create a highlight. Multiple uses and great quality.

Biore Self Heating Masks– If you are looking for a new mask, this is one I really like. This product contains charcoal, which is supposed to draw out impurities in your skin. The smell of these products are actually really nice, almost a fresh/minty scent. You apply the mask to your skin and rub in circular motions to activate the product, which will warm up on your face. After a couple minutes you can rinse it off, which will leave you with a cool/ fresh skin. It feels great and is easy and quick to use.

Revlon Lip Crayon Moisture Stick– I personally have very dry skin, so matte products usually aren’t a great choice for me. I like lip products to be very moisturizing, and this one was perfect. This is a lip crayon that is meant to give you a matte finish while still feeling very moisturizing. The product is very creamy and non-drying and lasts a long time.

Sephora Lip Gloss– (shade: Pin-Up Pink) This is the first lip gloss I tried from Sephora and the color and quality was very nice. The shade is a nice bubblegum pink. The gloss is not too sticky and it stays on pretty well.



Google Collection- In my quest to become a more organized human, I have been using apps to try and keep information I need together. Google apps have really helped me do that. As I mentioned before I use the Google Calendar app to enter in my schedule and share it for work. This way no matter what device I am one, I can access my calendar. Google Photos also helps me easily back up and transfer photos from my iPhone to my desktop. I also use Google Drive for storing documents I need for work and Google Docs to edit documents and work on writing

Canva- I’ve talked about Canva in several other posts also so I don’t plan on going into to much detail, but it is the app that I use for creating most of my images. They have a mobile and desktop version, both of which are good but I prefer to use the desktop one when I can. Basically it has a variety of designs for different social media formats that you can customize.

Mimo- I have been dabbling in Mimo a little bit and so far I really like it. Mimo is an educational app where you can learn how to code on the go. There a variety of lessons for different skill levels (and of course if you really like it, you can purchase/unlock additional features. So far I have completed a lesson on HTML and it was very user friendly.



Sarah Scribbles Adulthood is a Myth– Recently I have been enjoying more comics and this book is one of my favorites. These comics are so adorable and light-hearted, not to mention very relatable. If you are looking for a gift for a young adult in your life, I recommend getting them this. A few others I have enjoyed are Deep Dark Fears  and Heart and Brain.

Krylon Matte Finishing Spray– If you work with polymer clay, this one’s for you. Before this product, I would set and protect my projects with Sculpey glaze. This meant hand painting a thin layer (getting glaze stuck all over my fingers!), letting it dry, and repeat. The Scupley gave a milky layer, which altered some of my pieces. Not to mention, this took forever! When browsing Readit, I got the solution I was looking for. Simply lay your products out on a surface outside, such as a tarp or newspaper, shake the canister and hold about a foot away from your projects, and spray. Let dry 2-3 minutes between coats. Not only is this quick and easy, my projects are not altered in the process. They do have a matte finish (obviously) but otherwise look the same.

For my pieces with eye-pins or other metals, I like to also reinforce them with glue. Again, I had a difficult time finding one that wasn’t too thick, changed color, bubbled, etc. Now I use Scotch Super Glue single use tubes, which are made specifically for crafting and have none of these nasty side effects I previously mentioned.

Packaging Your Crafts– This book has tons of pictures of innovative packaging and goes into detail about different materials and how to use them. If you have your own Etsy shop or similar, this is a book I recommend adding to your collection.


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