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Hello all, early this year my family and I travelled to Maui for a very special occasion. After over 11 years together, my moms got married (or I should say… maui’d)! It was just our small group and was truly a memorable experience. Earlier that day it was raining, but as we drove up to the beach the rain stopped and revealed a beautiful rainbow. Extra kudos also to the photographer, who took some amazing photos.

I chose not to include those photos; for privacy reasons I choose to keep the photos I post just myself and younger sister, but I did take plenty more. I’m back home now and it is hard to believe that I was walking around in a sundress a couple weeks ago…it is freezing here! You definitely don’t realize until you leave how beautiful the Hawaiian islands are.


Lou, for the first time, got to sit in a big girl booster seat in the car during the trip. She was so excited, she pointed out the windows and kept saying “look!”. This is one of the many photos I sneaked in of her sleeping.

These photos (above) are from the first hotel we stayed at, the Mariott. Very beautiful and so many fun features. The Mariott is also right alongside the Westin and the villas, so in just a short walk you can take advantage of the other resort’s features, no problem. These are from when we got soft serve ice-cream by the pools. I think Lou really liked it!

And of course, you can’t go to Hawaii without days on the beach. We went snorkeling in the area and had plenty of fun in the sand!

She was afraid of the sand at first, but as you can see she got over that pretty quickly!

These photos are also from our stay at the Mariott. They have a variety of activities for all ages, and we took advantage of their painting class. I can’t show the finished product, as it is still hiding in luggage, but this was us making the background. In the outdoor lobby they had a beautiful  sand sculpture and pond. This was also the hotel where we spent New Years, and they gave us hats, party poppers, champagne, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts complimentary!

These are from our day at the aquarium. Lou liked looking at the turtles the best :). Poor thing, she also fell asleep on the ride home (she took off her shoes multiple times, so you can see she fell asleep with her shoe on her hand!).

We also stayed at the Westin during this trip. The most memorable part of this hotel is the outdoor lobby, which is just incredible! There’s a hug pond with swans, fish, and flamingos and across from it a cave that you can walk through on your way to the pools.

Doesn’t Lou look pretty with a flower in her hair? This was one of the places we ate at, which had a great view. I had shrimp pasta which was very good, and a guava smoothie (I never pass up on Guava juice in Hawaii 🙂

This isn’t the same restaurant as above, but it is another one that is a short walk from the Westin.



This is the performance we got to see at the luau (hosted by the Westin).

What are your favorite things to do while in Hawaii? Let me know in the comments below!

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