Polymer Clay Tutorials and Shop Update

Hello all, I hope you are having a great weekend. FINALLY got down Christmas decorations…yes I’m running a little behind! I just returned from a vacation in Maui and am excited to share pictures in a future post.

In the meantime, I have been working on getting new listings up in my shop and was able to create several tutorials along the way…



Birdcage Necklace Tutorial

To create this adorable birdcage necklace, you will want to start with the basic shapes you need for the bird cage (which will be thicker snakes of clay):

Next, you will need two stripes of clay to go along the top and bottom, and roll four snakes of clay into the swirled shapes below (top picture):

Apply pieces together. To make the roses, roll out three or so small balls of clay and flatten with your finger. Overlap the circles as shown in the collage above, then roll together. Tada! From there you can use your needle tool to shape the flower how you like.

For the small bird, I took a piece of off-white clay and shaped as shown in the finished look.


Pastel Goth Necklace Tutorial

For this necklace, I shaped the bat wings first, as shown below:

The rose is made the same way as for the birdcage necklace tutorial, so you can refer to that one.


Etsy Shop Update

The Etsy shop is now back from vacation, and with it are a variety of cute additions. Besides what you’ve just seen in the tutorials, we also have these new pieces:

Also note, a couple older pieces have lowered in price, so do check those out if interested.

That is about it for now, let me know which tutorial is your favorite in the comments below. Thank you for reading

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