Fashion Inspo: Alternative 

Hello all, for this this month’s fashion inspo I wanted to cover different alternative fashions I enjoy. These are examples of real items you can purchase and outfit ideas. As always, you can view these outfits and more by visiting our page on Polyvore. Thank you for visiting and I hope one of these compilations will inspire you.

Pastel Goth

Pastel goth, also known as nu-goth, is a twist on goth fashion inspired by kawaii culture. I love these creepy-cute fashions. Whether you’re looking for something dramatic or more subdued, here are some ideas for you.

I have also included outfits inspired by ThatPoppy on YouTube.


Before I continue, it’s important that I mention there are many subcultures and a long history behind goth culture, which is not touched on below. Rather, these are outfits inspired by goth fashion.

I’ve included many similar collages in the past, but again you can view those on Polyvore also if you’re interested.


I’ve covered Steampunk style in previous posts, but it is basically inspired by a world in which technology as we know it did not exsist, and steam power was the key. This style is also mixed with a bit of punk and Victorian style. Directly below is a more modern outfit.


These outfits are inspired by vintage fashions and pin-up style. 

Thank you for viewing. Which style was your favorite? Do you have any thoughts for a future Fashion Inspo? Let me know in the comments below.

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