White Elephant and Prank Gift Ideas

 We have a tradition in our family where we give light-hearted prank gifts to each other before opening our regular presents. Whether you are sharing a similar tradition with family/ friends this year or you are doing a white elephant style gift giving event, these are some ideas to get those  juices pumping. As always, products featured are not sponsored, however you can click on the links provided to find them online. Happy hunting!

In addition, I also have a few DIY ideas and printouts for you to use, which won’t cost you anything 😉

  • Premade Prank Gift Boxes

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Amazon sells these boxes online, which are well-designed and believable in person (yes, we have used a couple of these before). You can wrap the box alone, but these boxes are meant for hiding the real gift inside to surprise your recipient. The link for the chores box is here, crib dribbler here, and family blankeez here, but they also sell many more.


  •   Hands Free Phone Holder

Yes, this one you can make your own. I have the image above that you can print out and staple to a clear bag that contains a rubber band. Perfect for your friendly neighborhood…anybody.


  • Kitty Love Chocolates

Do you guys promise to still be my friend if I tell you this? This was one of the prank gifts I gave. Now obviously the…um…treats, are not real. They were simply brown polymer clay that I rolled into shape and added texture with a brush before baking. I made the candy box by gluing mini cupcake wrappers in the bottom of a box, but obviously if you have one you can use a real candy box. These are the print outs I designed that go with the gift. Enjoy.


  • Gift Not Included

The oldest and cheapest trick in the book…the gift of NOTHING! This is a great gift to give your special someone, simply print this little guy out and staple to a clear bag. And if you are feeling extra adventurous, you can add a couple batteries to the bag…still no gift.

  • Snowman Poops

You can find a store bought version of this at World Market (Cost Plus), but if you already have the marshmallow “poops”, why not make your own? Simply print the image out and staple to a clear bag with marshmallows.

  • Prank Candy
Spider in Valentine Day Candy Box Prank Gag Classroom (1 Doz) Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
Everyone loves candy, so why don’t you share these guilty pleasures with your little ones this holiday season? Inspiring children to drink from toilets and eat bacon from a tin since 2016. Click the images above to purchase these goodies.
  • Tees that speak the truth

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Cards are old, why not express how you feel with a 100% cotton tee? And even better, your gift recipient can use their gag gift! A galaxy cat tee is a great conversation starter at a preschool playdate or a ballet recital. Click the picture links above to explore the many ways you can insult you fam with fashion.

  • Nuggets of knowledge

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Books are a great gift to help your loved ones continue to learn and grow. And now, you can choose a book personalized just for them! Click the picture links above to purchase a piece of literature for the Poo-Poo Head in your life.

  • For those who work

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Work is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Honesty is a virtue, and with the new WTF work pad you can share your honest opinions with your co-workers to improve trust, respect, and personal growth. They will thank you for your candor.

Speaking of things they will thank you for, why not try some Poo-Pourri? Simply add a spritz to the john before you begin duty to mask any distasteful odors. Now all we need to do is stop your co-workers from using their phones while on the toilet. Time for the WTF work pad…

And to help with your own personal growth, Mr. organizational toilet man thingy will help clear clutter in your workspace, so you can concentrate on your reading. And of course by reading, I mean Cubicle Warfare. Who said work isn’t fulfilling?

  • More create your own (Note: These ideas below were gathered from Pinterest. Simply click the picture to be brought to where the post was found)

Small funny pre gifts for white elephant on wenesday:   Rock paper scissors (maybe lizard spock). Love this. Also a fun white elephant gift.: Here's a fun, very easy craft idea - might be something you'd like to put in Easter baskets this year as a gag gift, lol. Simply take some dryer lint and shape it however you want (kinda small). Then do the same with a second piece of dryer lint.: Yes!:

Now back to ways we can avoid spending money on novelty items. These projects only require a few materials and will make a great gag gift. It is the thought that matters after all, right mom? Mom?

Thank you for reading my epic journey into immaturity. Have you used any of these products? What prank gifts have you made, and what was the result. Let talk in the comments below! Till next time, I’ll see you little Poo-Poo Heads later. Hasta la bye-bye!


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