YouTube Spotlight: Holiday Fun

Here is some holiday fun to get you in the spirit…

  1. Vlogmas- Jenna Marbles Vlogmas, Raven Elyse , Thingamavlogs Disneyland  – Vlogmas is a video trend on YouTube where creators share their holiday fun. Although not for everyone, if you enjoy vlogs this is a fun holiday tradition.
  2. Holiday Scary Stories- Lazy Masquerade Holiday Special , Creeps McPasta 3 Holiday Stories – As you know, I love scary stories, and even the holidays aren’t exempt from a good scare. Here are some videos to listen to while you’re waiting for Santa.
  3. Holiday Makeup Tutorials- Jaclyn Hill Copper Gold , Ingrid Nilsen Two Looks – Beauty gurus aren’t enjoying their holiday hiatus just yet, as there are holiday makeup looks to do! These tutorials will help you master beautiful cranberry and gold eye shadows and the classic red lip.
  4. Gift Guides- Kandee Johnson Makeup Guide – Still got shopping to do? I’m right there with you 🙂 . But not to fear, here are some gift ideas to get those juices pumping.
  5. Entertainment- Superwoman Types of People , Rudolph Honest Trailer -You got your shopping done and are ready to enjoy the holidays, why not relax with some of these festive videos?
  6. Gaming- Holiday Akinator, Holiday Slender -Even gaming isn’t safe from the holidays; here are some holiday inspired spin offs to put your childhood to the test.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s YouTube Spotlight. Do you have any vlogmas favorites or other festive videos? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.

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