Pet Holiday Recomendations

Don’t you just love the pet store during the holidays; the smell of pet food, loud chirping, doggie bags at the end of every isle? Or is that just me? Fun fact, we found out the hard way this year that my dog must NEVER be allowed in the pet store (I still can’t believe that much pee can fit in one dog…). But enough about me, let’s get to the shopping. Here are my picks for the best in pet products, from my zoo to yours.


Best in Toys: 

GPET Catch the Mouse Motion Cat Toy, 10 Inch Ball in ring cat toy: If you have read my post about Mojo’s (one of our cat’s) adoption story, you may remember me mentioning him playing with a toy like this. Mojo is disabled and cannot walk, so he would lay seal-style next to the ring and push the ball, but couldn’t easily move to push the ball from the other side. We started noticing a couple of our other cats trying to play with him; they would sit across the ring from him and hit the ball back to him, which was the cutest. Besides this special moment, our cats really enjoy this toy and can get pretty wild with it. And positive: no losing small toys under the refrigerator!

(note: I’m not sure where we got our model of this toy, but I found a similar toy on Amazon here.)

Product DetailsFeather Toy: Toys on a string are a lot of fun for cats and owners (especially kids) to play safely together, and I have found that the simpler the toy is, the more the cat will like it (plus it’s less expensive). A simple feather toy like this one here is a great pet stocking stuff. And again, no losing small pieces in your home.

Yeowww! Organic Catnip Fruit Cat Toys Catnip Plush: One of my cats in particular loves catnip. She doesn’t usually play with other toys but when catnip comes into the equation…watch out! Catnip alone is a great outdoor toy, but for indoor use my cat loves catnip pouches like these. Again, I did not get the same brand, but it seems to be the same thing we have.
Zanies Cheese Wedge Display Boxes, 60 Rainbow-Fur Mice Toys for CatsJingle toy mice: If you’re looking for a smaller toy for your kitty, go with the classic mice toys. They’re the ones my cats play with the most, with their little wriggling tails and jingling bellies. Plus you can get a lot on the cheap; after all cats are like kids. They’ll play in the box your toy comes in before they play with the actual toy. Think simple 🙂 You can get a huge lot here.
Three way cat tunnel: They’re big, they’re crinkly, and are perfect for extra sneaky sneak attacks! Yes I am talking about a cat tunnel, we have one here and our cats love this. You know cats, sometimes they just have those spaz moments where they run around your house for no apparent reason. That’s what this for; toy for your cat and show for you! You can get your own here.
KONG Wild Knots Squeaker Bears for Dogs, Medium/Large, Colors VarySqueaky plushies (for your dog): I have a medium sized dog and squeaky plush toys are his favorite. The squeak is irresistible to play with, you can tug of war with it, and he just likes to snuggle with them in his bed! I found an adorable teddy here.

Best in Grooming:

DELE 2-in-1 Combo Brush, Pin and Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats with Short or Long Hair, Dog Grooming Brush for Shedding Dense Coat 2 in 1 Brush: Dog or cat, a brush for grooming is an essential, especially if they have long fur or if they are getting older and not cleaning themselves like they should. I like the 2 in 1 in particular, because I use both sides. One of my cats has very long fur, but she doesn’t let me use the silver side of the comb everywhere, so I use the softer side of the brush in combination so that she is most comfortable. You can get one here.
Low sound shaving kit: This isn’t a necessity for all pets, but for your little friends with long fur this may help to make them more comfortable. This set comes pretty much like a human shaving kit, with different combs for different lengths. You can get yours here.

Best in Comfort:

PAW Enclosed Cube Pet BedCube bed (or other pet bed): Pet beds make great gifts, especially if your old one is on its last limb. If you have a Ross near you, this is where we get cozy pet beds on the cheap. For that long haired kitty I was talking about earlier, she needs to sleep in an area where she can hide and there is plenty of space for her, so the cube beds are her favorite. Mojo is big on anything soft and supportive for his feet, elevated if possible. I found a few good looking options here, here, and here.
Product DetailsThe kitty condo: If you are looking for a grander investment, I would look into a kitty condo. The softer the better, and there should be places to scratch, climb, perch, and hide. I found one model here.

Misc. Goodies:

Buddy's Line Spring Style Double Diner Pet BowlStainless Steel bowls: This might sound picky, but stainless steel bowls keep water cooler, are durable and easy to clean, and look the best. We have been through plastic and ceramic bowls too, but these are a favorite.
Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat - XL Super Size - Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats for Cats Tracking Litter Out of Their Box - Soft to Paws- Elegant for Your Home- (Patent Pending) Litter mat: If you have cats, you know that cat litter gets EVERYWHERE. Whatever you can do to prevent your house turning into a beach is a good idea, and having a mat under your litter box is a good step. I found one here.
Product DetailsPet treats! : Pet treats are always a good idea, right? I didn’t have a specific recommendation here since this is going to depend on your pet’s tastes. Most of my cats prefer moist treats over the crunchy ones. As for my dog, he likes the small Milk Bone brand dog biscuits.
Thank you for reading! Tell me, what are your favorite pet products?


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