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I love music. World, jazz, Celtic, folk, pop, electronic, you name it. More importantly, I’m always looking for something new and unique. If you are looking for new music from up and coming Indie artists, Bandcamp is a great way to find them, and today I will be sharing with you some of the artists I have been listening to recently. Now of course this list is limited, but I am hoping to add more recommendations in the future. In addition, I would love to see what artists you recommend, so let me know in the comments below.


On another note, I normally don’t bring up sticky topics such as politics into my posts on this blog, but I believe if something important in the world is going on, you should acknowledge its existence. Take a moment, breathe, reflect, and take action where you can. Today is the day after the United States Presidential Election for 2016, and if you are reading this close to when I publish it, even if you are not located in the US, I am sure you are feeling the bewilderment, hurt, anxiety, and other emotions stirred up by the event. I’m not going to go into specifics (for more on this issue you can take a peak at my Twitter) but I did just have a few notes I wanted to put out there. One, take the time to mourn and reflect. Reflection is what history is about, from looking at the past we can make better choices for the future. We need to recognize that yes, there is a problem in this nation, a HUGE problem. Two, this is not the end. We still have a battle to fight and values to defend; now more than ever we need to stand our ground. Three, love. This election has had a common theme of love vs. hate and we need to fight for love. Mourn now, it is okay to be angry, to feel betrayal. Hug your family, your friends. Show kindness. Tomorrow, we get to work.

Thank you for your support and best of love to you and your families


  1. Amanda Palmer- If you have listened to my playlists in the past, this choice is no doubt a given. I discovered her music a couple years back and whether you hate her or love her, her music is full of love and creativity and her style and ideals are intriguing. There is plenty more to learn if your interested, so if you enjoy her music be sure to check out her website and talks on her book, The Art of Asking. Punk, Rock, Caberet, Alternative
  2. Mars Argo- If you have tumbled down the ThatPoppy hole of the internet, surely you have come across Mars Argo. She was another artist who worked with Titanic Sinclair (again, you can research these names to learn more). Her voice is so sweet and innocent and her songs are full of quirkiness and creativity. Pop, Alternative
  3. Oh Hiroshima- If you are looking for ambient Indie music for studying and drifting to sleep, Oh Hiroshima is for you. There is a lot of music of this type on Bandcamp, but this band’s music stood out to me among the other albums (and I have to admit, they had me at their amazing cover art). Beautiful, unique, the songs on their latest album In Silence We Yearn are a home run. Ambient, Alternative, Rock
  4. Films (Ricco Label)- Soft and beautiful, their songs remind me a bit of Cirque du Soliel meets Enya. This is again a great artist to listen to when studying or falling asleep or writing your own imaginary stories. These songs have a fantasy vibe that I like a lot. Ambient, World, Alternative
  5. Anuna- I can go on and on about my favorite artists that produce Celtic folk music, and Anuna is among them. Anuna is made up of a large group, which is unique, and they are established with a wide array of albums to choose from. Transport yourself to your own fantasy tale with these songs. And even better, play these songs during your next winter holiday event to bring the sophistication levels up to a 10. Celtic, Folk
  6. The Parlour Trick- I love horror, steampunk, and anything creepy-cute, so this artist appealed to me. Their songs are classical meets horror, with a healthy dash of Tim Burton and steampunk in the mix. Beautiful and enchanting. Classical, Ambient
  7. Empathy Test- Looking for electronic music with just enough realness, I came across these guys. Despite the genre, their music is not over the top or cheesy, but it has enough energy for us Pop/Dance lovers. Electronic, Alternative
  8. N O U S (Diane Birch)- If you love artists such as Adele, you will love Diane Birch. Her voice is amazing and her songs are sassy with just enough class. Just what I was looking for in a new jazz artist. Jazz, Pop

Sample Songs from the artists  (I encourage you to visit their sites. Support their creativity)

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