SoCal Trip Re-Cap #2: Too Cute

Howdy! For the second re-cap in this series, I wanted to highlight some of Lexi’s adorable moments during her first trip to Disneyland.

Basically sums up everything…why would I sit at a table to eat when I can stand on it?
Lexi’s butterbeer mustache at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios)
Just being cute in front of The Cauldron ice-cream shop
Baby’s first ice-cream mustache. So many mustaches, so little time…
Which is the most important part of a character breakfast, the characters or the breakfast. Lexi has clearly made her choice 🙂
Lexi’s first carousel ride…weeeee!
Lookin’ cute on Winnie the Pooh
Cuddling toys at a Disney shop, that little face!

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