10 Things You Might Not Pack (But Should!)

If you are looking for tips to minimize what you pack, might I kindly suggest visiting another blog? In all seriousness, my anxious brain will come up with reasons to pack the most unnecessary things…or are they? Here is a list of some of the things you might not think to pack, but probably should.

1. An emery board

Is a torn nail an emergency? Maybe not, but it sure is uncomfortable. I have had many a time where having a mini manicure set (or at least a small emery board) has come in handy.

2. Basic First Aid supplies

You can browse online for lists of items to include in a First Aid kit and there are premade ones in stores, but at the very least having band-aids and Neosporin is a good idea.

3. Basic temporary relief medicines

Keep in mind when you are traveling you can buy things as needed, but having items on hand can prepare you for when you’re out and about or nighttime emergencies. If you are a lady, this would include feminie products. For medicine, this may include pain medication (such as ibuprofen), medicine for stomach upset (such as Tums or Pepto Bismol tablets), sore throat and decongestant sprays, etc.

4. Portable rechargable console for devices

Having a portable battery for charging devices away from an outlet is great peice of mind, especially if you are doing work or anything important with your phone while you are away.

5. Pen and paper

Because believe it or not, situations do arise where your phone does not suffice.

6.  Hand toilettes

Wet wipes…a necessity for the child and child at heart.

7. CPR face shield

Perhaps not a product for yourself, but a literal lifesaver if you know how to do CPR properly. Face shields come in keychains, single use fold up ones, and other modes that are easy to carry in a bag or purse.

8. Personal alarm and/or pepper spray

Better safe than sorry…

9. Safety pins

One or two of these little guys can save you in the case of a wardrobe malfunction.

10. Sunglasses and sunscreen

Never leave home without them


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