Spring Cleaning: Tips for Clearing Space on your phone

You try to take a picture, sorry no space. New app? Not going to happen. Probably seems familiar. No space? No problem (well…less of a problem). Here are some tips for clearing space on your phone.

1. Delete old text message threads

Maybe you already do this, but me personally I’m a hoarder. Text messages I am guilty of not clearing out, but doing so can give you back some space.

2. Transfer photos from your phone to another device every so often. 

This is good to get in the habit of anyway so that you don’t lose your photos, but it can also clear some space. Pictures on an iphone can be deleted permanently by going to the recently deleted folder in your photos and selecting delete all. Same goes for videos, which are extra notorious for stealing your space.

3. Clear out old emails

Same idea as the texts. Keep in mind if you have an iphone and don’t need full control of how you delete emails or texts that you can adjust your settings to automatically delete items after a certain period of time. Personally I prefer controlling it manually, but this is just another option.

4. Don’t need photo stream on your iphone? Go into Settings and turn it off.

5. Clean out your music, or take advantage of a music playing app. 

Rather than using the generic music app on my phone, I have the Amazon music app where I can add/delete music from my Amazon Cloud. Really simplifies things and I would highly recommend. There are also other apps you can play/stream music with, so experiment and see what works best.

Same can be said for ebooks; I use the kindle app for reading my ebooks.

6. See what the storage culprits are

To see which apps are using the most of your space, go to settings, then general, then storage. It’s here you can see what is taking up the most of your space and would be most beneficial to delete. You can also see if there are contents of the app that can be deleted. For example, I use the iphone podcasts apps, which automatically downloads new episodes from channels I’m subscribed to. I also have the notes app, where I can delete old notes I don’t need anymore.

So there you have it, those are my tips for clearing space on your phone. Do you have any tips I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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