YouTube Spotlight: Let’s Get Weird!

It’s time for another YouTube Spotlight, and this time we will be taking a look at weird/unique videos and channels from the web that I have been enjoying recently

  1. ThatPoppy – That Poppy is a pop artist with some pretty unique videos on her main channel. These short videos leave everyone in the comments trying to decode the message the videos’ trying to send about pop culture. The best way to describe it I guess would be Yo Gabba Gabba meets “well, that’s enough interneting for one day”. Better yet, go see for yourself.
  2. Cyriak – Looking for strange animation? Then you have come to the right place. Prepare to be amazed, disgusted, and dumbfounded while watching cows multiply and cats taking over the world.
  3. Lutch Green – There is a huge variety of top 10 list types of channels, but one I wanted to mention in this YouTube Spotlight is Lutch Green, which focuses on lists about creepy and odd subjects. This channel has a great variety of videos on engaging topics
  4. World Weirdest Cat Items (Grav3Yard Girl) – Ok so stepping back from the creepier videos, this is one in a series on her channel where she tries unique fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. Although most of these are not very practical, this series is a lot of fun to watch nevertheless.
  5. Mickey Mouse Haunted House (1929) – The older Mickey Mouse cartoons can definitely leave you a bit creeped out; this one in particular is a favorite of mine
  6. Zero – I am always happy to find new stop motion animations online, and this is a creepy-cute one I would recommend. A lot of work and love went into this, so be sure to give it a visit

That’s it for today’s list, although I’m sure you have plenty more. What are some of your favorite weird/unique videos and channels? If you liked this post, you will also like the upcoming YouTube Spotlights I have planned for October. Lots of spooky fun coming up so stay tuned!

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