10 Things to Look For at Disneyland


For those of you who think you have seen everything at Disneyland, you would be far from the truth. There are so many hidden treasures if you are willing to look for them, which I wanted to share with you. If you like these posts where I cover the history and secrets of Disneyland, please let me know (I’ll be sure to make more!). Thank you and I hope you enjoy. Also, you can click the images to visit other Disneyland blogs about each topic, so do check those out if you’re interested. (Also, these findings are for the Disneyland in Anaheim)



  1. The Sails of Pirates of the Caribbean: A challenge to get a good view of, on top of the Pirates of the Caribbean show building are what look like sails of a ship. To get a good view, face the Pirates entrance and head right by the upstairs right waiting queue line. Look in the distance at the far top of the building.
  2. Remnants of The Country Bear Jamboree (in Winnie the Pooh’s Attraction): Before Winnie the Pooh and his friends moved in, this show building used to be the home of the Country Bear Jamboree. There is still a remnant of the old show that can be found; as the scene where Pooh’s dream ends and he is eating from a honey pot, look up (with caution, it will give you the creepies!). I’ve also read that you can see a shadow of one of the old bears when looking up during Pooh’s birthday scene, although I have never gotten a view of it myself.


  3. Snow White’s Wishing Well: To the right of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is Snow White’s grotto, where you can find a wishing well and statues of the characters. Snow White’s statue is actually similar size to the dwarfs, which is why she is placed where she is to make the statue appear larger.


4. Hidden Mickeys: Hidden Mickey Mouse head silhouettes can be found in pretty much every attraction among other places in the park. Some are pretty easy to find, while others are near impossible. Be sure to keep a careful eye out. By the way, this tiny eared hidden Mickey is the lock on a door you pass when exiting the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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5. Remnants of Nature’s Wonderland: Before there was Big Thunder Mountain, there was Nature’s Wonderland, a slower paced, more scenic ride. You can still find quite a few remnants of Nature’s Wonderland in the park currently. The cave from the left picture is across from a section of Big Thunder, can’t miss it. This was a tunnel the Nature’s Wonderland train traveled through. The train went over a bridge and in the water were animatronic bears catching fish. The bears are no longer there, but the fish are! Be patient and watch the water, as they pop up occasionally. There are also recycled part in the Big Thunder attraction, including the ghost town at the end of the ride.


6. The Spider Web Cover Up (Haunted Mansion): This one is a difficult find, but a fun fact. An individual brought a gun, likely a BB gun, on the ride and it accidently went off. Across from the ride vehicles, or doom buggies, is a huge sheet of glass which is used for the effect that makes the ballroom’s ghosts (the pepper ghost effect, in case you wanted to look it up). Because replacing the glass would have been very costly and difficult to do, they made the glass fracture a spider web, complete with a little spider.


7. The Light in Walt’s Apartment: Walt’s apartment on Main Street USA can be found on the second floor of the fire station. When Walt was alive, he would leave the light by the window on, which was how you can tell he is in the park. Even to this day, the light is usually on in the evening.


8. Star Tours…Geese?: You see the robot on the right in the picture? That robotic skeleton came from a goose from a previous attraction called America Sings. Think about it, the tail, the feet? You can find this little guy in the queue.


9. Snow White’s Evil Queen: Before entering Snow White’s Scary Adventures, look up at the window in front of the building. You might find a certain somebody staring back at you.


10. The Windows on Main Street USA: The most influential Disney imagineers and staff have windows dedicated to them on Main Street USA. Give them a look when you pass them by


Thank you for reading. What are some of your favorite hidden Disney treasures? What else do you want to see about Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below!



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