Storybook Style Inspo


Don’t we all love fairytales and storybook characters? For the next style inspo, I wanted to showcase outfits inspired by our favorite fairytales. These looks range from very wearable to more unique, so hopefully you find something that inspires you. Enjoy!


Hansel and Gretel is probably my favorite fairytale currently. This look includes an adorable dirndl and mocha flats. These collages are made using Polyvore, so if you would like to see how much each item is and where you can get it feel free to check out my Polyvore sets at


This look of course is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. My goal for these looks was extra cute, and this coat and shoes fit the bill!


This kawaii-style look is inspired by the story of the Three Bears. Who knew bears could be so cute?


Now time for the more wearable looks inspired by fairytales. These looks don’t represent one story, but rather fairytales in general. I included some adorable pieces such as the Betsy Johnson deer clutch and knitted cat ear hat. I also included a variety of floral pieces, perfect for getting lost outside.


Thank you for visiting! What is your favorite fairy tale? What style inspirations do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments below. See you little bears next time!

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