Summer 2016 Lookbook


Summer 2016 is coming to an end…which means it’s time for the Summer Lookbook and Favorites. I’m going to be honest, my pictures for this issue started late summer, but I am hoping to have more for the Fall and Winter. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Look #1: Includes Candies Black Wrap top, antique earrings, and I necklace I purchased using the Poshmark app

Look #2: So excited to get my hands on the Hello Kitty Monocle Tee (Hot Topic)! Also wearing dark grey jeans, black ballet flats, and a clay necklace from my Etsy shop
Look #3: Keeping it basic with a black 3/4 sleeve top and black leggings. Also, does that necklace look familiar?
Look #4: Bodycon style dress; I love the hour glass design. Also with black ballet flats
Look #5: The Candies Black Wrap top is back, along with a pair of black and white stripe leggings

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