Poetry Hour #1

In advance I apologize for the more morbid poem; we’ll be back to more light hearted posts next 🙂

“I Dreamt of Dying”

I dreamt of dying, whilst asleep,

Of thoughts I cannot recollect,

And life I loved but cannot keep,

A truth for which I must accept.

In sleep I saw my friends and kin,

In face of my mortality,

But when despair was spent and thin,

They overcame reality.

I reminisced for what I’d done,

From striking feats to oversights,

With pain and guilt I cannot shun,

And pride and joys I dare not fight.

My dream concluded with my death,

I saw myself upon a shore,

The ocean came and took my breath,

And down I sank to its murky floor.

Soon thereafter I awoke

From my dream of life and death,

My lips so parted as I spoke,

And out escaped my final breath.

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