Meet Mojo plus Adoption Story

Meet Mojo (plus adoption story!)

If you found this blog through Instagram, then there is no doubt this little face is familiar to you. Mojo is our little Scottish fold. As you may have noticed from his pictures, he is not your typical cat. Like many animals, his story started as a difficult one. Now, he lives with a family that loves him very much and helps him live his life to the fullest despite is disabilities.

 Like our other kitties, Mojo found us at a time of need. A winter a couple years back, one of my parents found Mojo in the parking lot at her work when an employee of hers called and said they found a cat abandoned in the lot. When Mojo was found he could not walk because his feet were very deformed. It is not uncommon for the baby of two Scottish folds to be born with deformities like his. After we took him to the vet, we were told he is a purebred Scottish fold. Our guess, sadly, is that after he was born with deformed feet his owner threw him out on the street. It is a miracle he even survived as long as he had.

 We sought to find him a loving home…as is usually the case that ended up being our home! We took care of him and after a short while, he was able to walk. Not well, not for very long, but enough to get to things like the water bowl and litter box (before this point he could not use the bathroom on his own). To this day his feet still cause him problems, his nails and toes grow in strange directions and sizes, which causes him a lot of pain. A while back I posted a video on my YouTube of him hopping around like a rabbit on my bed, this is primarily as he moves around.

 As you would expect, he prefers to walk as little as possible because it causes him so much pain. We put him in the litter box several times a day so he does not have to walk on hard floor to get there. We always leave a bowl of food and water by his bed where he can get to it easily. He also likes to be where we are (otherwise he cries), so he has beds planted strategically around our house where he moves from one to the other throughout the day to be with us.

Our other pets are also so kind to him. The other cats never eat/drink from his bowls, which makes me believe they know something is wrong. A couple times we have watched Mojo playing on the floor with a toy ring that has a ball in it. Since he doesn’t really move, the ball would get stuck on the other side where he couldn’t hit it. One day our cat Buggy sat down across from Mojo and every time he hit the ball to the other side of the ring, she would hit it back to him. Definitely one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

As you can imagine he is a challenge to care for, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a happy, snuggly baby boy and we are so happy to see him thrive every day.

 You can follow Mojo along with us by following our social media. Primarily, I like to post his adorable pictures on Instagram. Kitty kisses from our house to yours…thanks for reading!

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