How to Get More Likes on Instagram


Hi guys! Wouldn’t you know that it has been almost 4 months since I first started Instagram? Although I am still fairly new to Instagram at the time I am writing this, I have caught on to some tips for getting more likes on your posts. Now, this post will not include some of the more devious ways you can get likes, just some ways to put out the best content and get people to notice it.

1) Using hashtags

Hashtags, as you may know, serve a similar purpose to tags in YouTube or search words in Google. It’s how random people who do not follow you will find your content. When posting you will want to add at least a couple hashtags and make sure they are relevant. Basically, you want them to be terms people would actually search for. For example, if you’re posting a cat pic you might include some of the following:

#cat #catsofinstagram #meow #caturday #cute #pet #sleepykitty

2) Focus your picture on one subject

The way Instagram is designed, people scroll through a lot of images at once that are very small. If you have an image that’s all over the place with more than a couple subjects, people are more likely to scroll past it. Your image will be best noticed if it has a clear subject that can be seen when scrolling through many images.

3) Choose good lighting whenever possible

Good lighting= quality, visually appealing content

4) Quality gets better results than quantity

Although quantity usually isn’t a bad thing (that is unless you are posting constantly, which makes it difficult for your followers to go through their feeds), quality pics are going to bring the best results. It is totally okay for Instagram not to post on a specific schedule, so don’t feel like you have to force out content daily.

5) Tips specific to Polyvore:

a. Create character or theme related outfits and add a picture of that character. Character artwork usually has good color combinations and the character will get people’s attention when scrolling through multiple Polyvore outfits. Be careful however not to copy something that has been done many times (Disney character outfits, for example, are very cute but have been done by a lot of people already)

b. Use #polyvore, #ootd, and #outfit, for sure. Be sure to like and comment similar posts

6) Tips specific to OOTD:

a. Use the appropriate hashtags

b. There are various collage apps you can use to combine your pictures, take advantage of this!

7) Like other people’s content

Liking other people’s content is a great way to get people to notice your page. You can do this by searching a hashtag you commonly use or by seeing what posts the people you follow have liked. The more likes you give, generally the more likes you receive. When people like your content; it’s also nice to at least take a look at their page ­čÖé

8) Follow others with a similar number of followers as you (with similar interests)

A lot of times, if you follow someone who is in the process of growing on Instagram, they are more likely to follow you back. I don’t recommend doing this and unfollowing people if your follow is not returned, but by supporting the rest of the community it will come back around to you.

9) Leave kind comments

Likes can get you noticed, but comments are even better! People really appreciate it. I know for me I definitely pay more attention when someone leaves me a nice comment.

10) Choose a quality profile picture

Your profile pic is the mascot for your page, so choose a good one that shows what you are about!

11) Choose a quick and meaningful line or two for your description

People will be more likely to follow you if they know more about you. By putting out good content and taking some time on your description, you will have more luck in getting followers

I hope you found this helpful; please let me know if I missed any positive tips for getting likes on Instagram!

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