Good Eats at Disneyland

Usually amusement park dining isn’t known for being healthy or tasty, but you may be surprised to learn that Disney offers more dining options nowadays. Not in the mood for chicken nuggets or a hot dog? Disneyland’s got you covered. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite meals and treats at Disneyland Anaheim!

Main Street USA:

-Gibson Girl Ice-Cream Parlor

-Carnation Café- there are not too many options for breakfast inside the park, but if you’re looking for a full breakfast, this is a place to check out, with waffles, oatmeal, fruit parfaits, and more. They also have a lunch and dinner menu.

-Jolly Holiday Bakery Café- They have cake. They have cookies. They have cupcakes. Need I say more?


-The Golden Horseshoe- If you stop by here, definitely get one of their ice-cream sundaes! They hold the occasional show and it is sometimes a good place to lose the crowd (hint: they have additional seating if you go up the stairs).

-Ranco del Zocalo

New Orleans Square:

-Blue Bayou Restaurant (w/ reservation)- A favorite, if you can have a meal here definitely do it. This restaurant is located next to the opening scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The scenery is great, and the food is pretty good to. I personally recommend the gumbo, mint julep, and salmon.

– French Market- located in between Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, the French Market has a variety of choices for kids and adults. For kids the Macaroni Cheese is good (works for an adult snack/small meal 🙂 ). The jambalaya is good and from what I have been told the French Dip sandwich is also.

-Mint Julep Bar- this one is not so much a restaurant as a place you can stop for snacks and drinks. Their most popular treat are the Mickey shaped Beignets, which I definitely recommend trying. They also serve mint juleps here. I personally really like them, although other people have compared it to minty gum water. In any case, if you have a group it may be good to start with one mint julep

-Royal Street Veranda or Harbour Galley- I say either or for this one because both places serve basically the same menu, but Harbour Galley tends to have a slightly shorter line due to its lack of visibility. Both places serve a personal favorite of mine, which are the clam chowder bread bowls. Extra hint for Harbour Galley, if you look across the water there is additional seating. If you have trouble finding a table, head over there. You can also get a good view of the bottom of the Splash Mountain drop in that area, so definitely take a moment to explore!


-Pizza Port/Galactic Grill- Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of dining options in Tomorrowland, but here are the main two options here. Pizza Port of course sells pizza and Galactic Grill has a variety from onion rings to sandwiches to burgers.


-Not much to add here. I good rule of thumb when eating and using the bathroom in Fantasyland is…don’t. Trust me on this 😉

-In addition to the options above, there are stands throughout the park that sell fresh fruit, frozen lemonades, and other snacks. The flavored frozen lemonades are really good 🙂

-If you want to see a list of yummy things to eat in CA Adventure or Downtown Disney, let me know in the comments below!

For more details about dining options and what they serve, visit this link:

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