Beauty Reviews #1: Lip Products

As a lover of all things makeup, I enjoy hearing others honest opinions about products, so today I am sharing some of my own. Today we will be starting with lip products, but eye, face, and body products I use are to come.

The rating system we will be using is Yay!, Nay, and Meh. Yay of course is the best, Nay is the worst and meh is indifferent.

Also, disclaimer none of these product reviews are paid; they are all honest reviews (unless of course specified otherwise).

(From left to right: Wink of Pink, Va Va Violet, Tropical Coral, Ballet Shoes, Merlot, Iconic, Hibiscus Pop, Midnight Plum)
  • Maybelline Color sensational (the shade Hibiscus Pop and Midnight Plum) Yay!

These are a couple of the favorite lipsticks I own. Both are highly pigmented and the stay power is about that of your typical lipstick. This is not a matte lipstick, but it does not have a wet or sticky look. Hibiscus Pop is a bright Barbie pink shade and the Midnight Plum shade is a very dark purple. If you are looking for a dark lipstick that isn’t black, Midnight Plum is a good choice. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Hibiscus Pop had a light, flowery scent as well (bonus!).

  • Revlon Color Stay (the shade Iconic) Nay

Unfortunately this one, although not terrible, is not a favorite of mine. The color payoff and stay power was a bit disappointing, and the smell is a bit pungent and unpleasant.

  • NYX Matte lipstick (the shade Merlot) Yay!

This lipstick is another one with great color payoff and the finish is truly matte. If you are looking for a bright, berry-red shade, Merlot is a good choice. Stay power is also quite nice.

  • L’Oréal Color Riche (the shades Ballet Shoes and Tropical Coral) Yay? Meh?

I gave this one a mixed review just because the quality of each of these shades differed dramatically in color payoff. Ballet Shoes is actually a bit faint, while the Tropical Coral shade is nicely pigmented. The stay power for both is about what you would expect. I like to use Ballet Shoes for a more natural look and I have actually used it in a couple makeup tutorials. Tropical Coral is also a nice warm red shade, which I really like. These also smell very nice…kind of like Cabbage Patch Kids! Is that just me?

  • Revlon Super Lustrous (the shades Va Va Violet and Wink for Pink) Yay!

The regular Revlon lipsticks are quite nice in pigmentation, stay power, and finish. Va Va Violet is a dark purple (though not as dark as Maybelline’s Midnight Plum) that is very unique, and Wink for Pink is a very nice pink shade. Highly recommend these for affordable lipsticks.

  • Elf lip exfoliator Yay!

Out of pure curiosity I decided to give this a shot and I really like it! The smell is a very nice sweet scent and it makes exfoliating your lips very easy. One thing I would recommend is not to use this everyday. I noticed that when I used it regularly, it made my lips actually dryer and irritated, so nowadays I usually use it once a week.

  • Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss Yay!

If you want a very shiny, glossy lip gloss, this one is great to get. I was very impressed with how nice this looked, especially the pink shade with my pink lipsticks. Just a heads up though it is a sticky gloss, so if you do not like sticky glosses you probably wouldn’t prefer this.

  • Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer lip balm Yay!

This tinted lip balm is the most pigmented and creamy one I’ve tried and would highly recommend. Like I said it is very creamy and moisturizing and the color payoff is surprisingly good for a light pink.

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